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Do you want to gain unlimited resources in your favorite Android game? Or are you stuck in a specific level within the game? Are you finding it as a difficult task to proceed through the game? Then Game killer is the perfect solution available.

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What is Game killer?

Game killer is an open source Android application, which has the ability to assist people to h*ack Android games through root access. In other words, Game killer uses the root access granted for the device to modify the game. As a result, the in-game points are manipulated. Hence, Game killer is an app that every Android gamer should have. It can provide an enhanced experience to all the people who engage with Android games.

Download GameKiller App

Gamekiller App is not available on Google play store, as they removed us from Google Play. Download Gamekiller Apk from below download links.

Features Of Game killer

Game killer can modify Android games

Game killer can modify Android games

With the help of Game killer, gamers will be able to modify the Android games they play. There is no need to learn how to read the source code of the game. It introduces simple and convenient tweaks. Therefore, it will be possible for any interested person to modify the favorite games that they play.

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Game killer can ha*ck most of the offline games

Game killer has got the ability to ha*Sck most of the offline games that you install on your Android device. A person who is interested in h*acking an offline game just needs to open Game killer and apply the required tweaks. The tweaks can be applied with the help of a user friendly interface. Therefore, a person who doesn’t have any technical knowledge will also be able to use it.

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Do specific tweaks in the game

While using Game killer, there is a possibility to look for the specific tweaks in the game to be changed. Hence, gamers will be able to h*ack the areas that they prefer within the game. This can help them to get a more realistic gaming experience, which matches perfectly well with the requirements.

game killer unlimited resources

Get unlimited resources

Most of the people prefer to use Game killer in order to gain unlimited resources within the game. This h*acking app can deliver perfect results for such individuals as well. It is possible to use the app to receive unlimited gold points, unlimited gold coins and any other currency type available within the game to purchase in-app resources.

game killer Lightweight app

Lightweight app

Gamekiller App is a very lightwight app, it is less than 2MB. And it doesn't require more internal storage for installation. Very little space is enough for installation and it is very easy to use with simple user friendly interface.

game killer Compatibility


Gamekiller App is compatible with all the Android devices above Android 1.5 and above versions. And also supports latest Android Nougat and Oreo.

How to use Game killer?

The user doesn't need to be a professional h*acker to use Game killer. You just need to follow the below mentioned steps to h*ack any offline game with Game killer.

  • 01. Open the Game killer app from the menu of Android device.
  • 02. After opening Game killer for the very first time, it will remain open. This will indicate a transparent icon on the device as well. Game killer app is accessible at any given time by tapping on this transparent icon.
  • 03. Next, you need to select the game that you should ha*ck with the help of Game killer. Game killer app offers a search engine to achieve above mentioned functionality.
  • 04. Search for the game that you need to h*ack.
  • 05. Now you will able to search the source of the code. You need to select any available parameter out of them and tweak. The tweaks you do will be visible instantly on the game.
  • 06. If you want to alter the number of currencies you own, and if you have 550 coins, you need to search for 550. Then Game killer will provide you with the option where it is stored. Next, change the value 550 to any preferred value.
  • 07. If you are already playing a game, you should pause it before you ha*ck it with Game killer. This will help you to get hassle free results at the end of the day.

Now you have successfully ha*cked your own Android app. This is an instant method to ha*ck an Android application. All changes you do will be available on the game interface instantly. Above mentioned are the only steps that a person should follow to ha*ck a game with the help of Game killer as well.

Should I use Game killer?

If you are an Android gamer, you must go ahead and try the Game killer open source app. The app comes completely for free. Therefore, people don’t need to pay anything to use the app. Moreover, it offers a graphical user interface, which is pretty much convenient to use. Due to all these reasons, people who use Game killer will be able to ha*ck their games within just few minutes. It is definitely worth than spending a lot of time to complete a difficult mission within an Android game.

gamekiller official screenshot
gamekiller official screenshot
gamekiller official screenshot
gamekiller official screenshot

Steps to install Game killer App

Game killer installation is simple and straightforward. Below explains the steps that a person should follow to complete Game killer installation.

  • 1. Before Game killer installation, you need to download Game killer APK file.
  • 2. After downloading the Game killer APK, you need to go to device settings and grant it with permissions to install applications from unknown sources.
  • 3. Next, open the Game killer APK file. This will begin the installation wizard.
  • 4. The installation process of Game killer APK is straightforward. Just follow the on-screen instructions and you will be able to complete the installation process.
  • 5. Upon completing the installation, Game killer will create an application on the desktop. Click on the application to open Game killer and do required tweaks.
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FAQs about Game killer


Q: What games are compatible with Game killer?

A: Game killer has the ability to offer a smooth functionality with all the offline games. However, there can be slight exceptions. Moreover, Game killer is not compatible with any of the online games .That’s because data in online games are stored within remote servers. Therefore, it will not be an easy task to ha*ck an online server and change the values.

Q: My phone doesn’t allow me to install Game killer. What should I do?

A: You are getting this type of an error because you have not allowed the device to install applications offered by unknown sources. Therefore, application settings should be changed. Visit the Settings of the Android device, go to Security Settings and scroll until you see the option "Unknown Sources". From there, enable the option to install applications from unknown sources.

Q: I cannot download Game killer APK. Why is that?

A: This error can happen due to several reasons. Lack of storage space available within the device will be one issue. Or else, the browser might be incompatible. Therefore, you should change the browser, clean up the phone storage and try again.

Q: Do I need to root my device to use Game killer?

A: Yes, you need to root the Android device to start using Game killer. Without rooting the device, it is not possible to install Game killer APK and experience all the features that come along with it. Hence, you need to refer to a guide that explains how to root the Android device.

Q: Will I get banned from Google Play?

A: Some people wonder whether they will get banned while using Game killer. You don’t need to keep such doubts in mind. Game killer comes along with a built-in anti-h*acking mechanism. Therefore, nobody will be able to figure out that you are ha*cking the games that you play.

Q: Can I download Game killer form the Google Play Store?

A: Unfortunately, Game killer is not currently available for download within the Google Play Store. Therefore, you will have to download the Game killer APK from another source and proceed with installation.

Q: Should I make a payment to use Game killer?

A: No, you don’t need to make any payment to use the Game killer app. It is an open source application and any person will be able to enjoy the features for free.

Q: Why can’t I use Game killer to ha*ck Clash of Clans?

A: Game killer is not capable of ha*cking Clash of Clans or any other similar game. That’s because information related to the game resources is stored online in servers. Hence, Game killer cannot access the server and tweak the game for you.