Game Killer Apk v5.26 [LATEST] download for Android OFFICIAL – 2017

We all play games on our mobile. And we all are familiar with the fact that most of the games require you to earn a certain point or finish a certain level to unlock the new ones. So what if you don’t want to spend so much time in unlocking the next level of a game? Game Killer APK is a ha*cking tool which was made just for this purpose. With GameKiller APK you can change the value of points you have earned in a game. Thus it will let you unlock all game features without any effort!

game killer apk download

Game Killer Features

  • Game Killer APK can detect most of the games in your device.
  • It can edit certain values (such as coin number) inside the game.
  • Game Killer has a simple interface.
  • Though it is a bit hard to get used to at first, it is a perfect hacking tool for Android games.
  • This APK works for offline games only.

Download Game Killer Apk

Download Latest version of GameKiller available!

game killer apk download

Latest v5.22 available!

How to Install Game killer?

To install and run Game Killer APK your device must be rooted. Because Game Killer requires root access to change internal data of games. Then, installing the APK file is easy. Just download and transfer the file to your phone or download the apk file through your phone. Then tap on it to install. If required allow “unknown sources” form your Android device’s settings.

How to use Game Killer APK

  1. Run Game Killer then minimize the app and run the game you want to h*ack.
  2. Make sure you are in a stage of the game where any score, points etc are being displayed on the screen.
  3. There will be a Game Killer button on the top of the game window. Tap on it.
  4. Now suppose you have 500 points, write 500 on the Game Killer window. Then choose auto indentify.
  5. Once Game Killer identifies the value, edit and change it to any other value. For example: you can change 500 coins to 10000.


  • If Game Killer identifies multiple values on a screen, go back to the game and play to have a different score. Then try again.
  • Game Killer APK can do a fuzzy search to change other values inside game.
  • It might seem a confusing app at first try. But keep trying different search terms; it can actually change many things inside the game.
  • Thought Game Killer APK supports many games, unfortunately it might not work perfectly with some of the latest games.
  • How to register Game Killer

Credits for Developing Game Killer

The copyright of GameKiller APK belongs to its respected developers. Our site does not hold any responsibility regarding this app.

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